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Stroker Sisters Donate Great Horned Owl To Silex Schools

Silex school recently accepted a donation of a Great Horned Owl from Stroker sisters Janet Stroker Dameron Finnerty, Virginia SuzAnne Stroker Paz, and Grace ElizaBeth Stroker McLean.

The owl was originally purchased in the 1980s from the Franklin Mint by their aunt Evelyn Johnston.

Many will remember Mrs. Finnerty as Mrs. Dameron. Mrs. Finnerty graduated from Silex in 1961. She then went on to teach at Silex for 30 years before retiring. Sisters SuzAnne and Beth both attended Silex also. SuzAnne graduated from Silex in 1964. Beth graduated from Kirkwood in 1973.

Superintendent Elaine Henderson is pictured accepting the owl from Janet Stroker Dameron Finnerty.

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