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Louisiana Council Examines Overtime, Vacation Policy

Community Betterment Youth Get Green Light On Riverfront Improvements

The Louisiana City Council approved payment to an employee of the police department for a day off that she had earned but the policy did not allow. The council also agreed to further examine and modify the city’s policy on overtime/vacation and sick time to ensure that no employee is shorted time they have earned.

City Administrator Kelly Henderson pointed out that a problem can be created if employees are able to hold their vacation days to be paid out at their anniversary. Mayor Bart Niedner suggested the council consider a stipulation that the department must be short-staffed to allow for vacation days to be paid out rather than taken.

The council also signed off on a plan by the Community Betterment Youth Group to improve the Riverfront area. Katelyn Watts and Chadwick Dowell presented the ideas to the city council. The were joined by other members of the group as well.

Watts told council members that the group had assessed the needs at the Riverfront and the group decided that keeping that area beautified was important to the community and for tourism purposes.

Dowell pointed out that there are posts, birdhouses and flower beds that need to be refurbished or replaced. Council member Chuck Hoffman noted the Louisiana Garden Club generally tends to the flower beds at the Riverfront but are unable to this year so the youth group’s plan comes at a good time. Dowell noted the flower beds need to be taken out completely and new barriors, that match the rock wall, should be put back in its place.

Council member Lori Lewis pointed out the students should meet with Stark Bro’s to see if the company would be willing to assist the project in any way.

Watts said the group has funds from the Youth Civic Leadership Summit and matching funds that total around $400 that can be committed to the project.

Lewis also suggested the group look into holding a “work day” where members of the community could come and help with the project.

The council also approved Community Betterment to use Sunset Park on Wednesday afternoons for the annual Farmers Market. The event will take place from May until December. Residents can purchase fresh fruits, vegetables, jellies, jams and much more.

In other business, council members approved the appointment of Terry Witte to the seat of municpal judge. Mayor Niedner noted the city is fortunate to have the former state representative willing to serve in that capacity. He added that he looks forward to what Witte will do for the city’s court system in the future.

Niedner also informed council members that there will be a meeting with the Missouri Bike Federation on March 23 at 2 p.m. The organization would like for bike lanes to be added to the new bridge.

The council also approved a request by Head Start to hold a pre-K graduation ceremony at Sunset Park on May 15.

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