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BGPD Seeks Information Into Vandalism

The Bowling Green Police Department is seeking information into incidents of vandalism that took place on Saturday night.

Chief Don Nacke said the incidents appear to be the work of juveniles, though nothing has been ruled out as the investigation continues.

He explained that damage was done to a building on the square in addition to the Cancer Memorial Park. The perpetrator(s) used spray paint in a couple of different areas on the walls in the park. He noted it appears the graffiti included an explicit image and the moniker “4:20” which is a slang term for smoking marijuana.

Nacke said it appears the vandal(s) moved down Court Street where a Bobcats Booster flag was stolen from Kustom Works Salon.

Finally the vandal(s) moved on to the Bowling Green school property. Spray paint was once again used to deface a dugout at the baseball field. Nacke said no other damage was found on the school grounds.

Anyone with information about the events that took place during the late Saturday night hours is urged to contact the police department at 324-3200. Anyone providing tips may remain anonymous.

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