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Good News For Pike Sheltered Workshop Recycling Program, Curbside Collection

The Pike County Sheltered Workshop received good news recently about its recycling program and it appears curbside collection will continue.

Julie Moore, the director of Pike Shop, says the return on recycling has improved which will help the program offered in Bowling Green a great deal. Last year the returns on items such as paper and cardboard dropped drastically. She noted that prices have increased which will help stabilize the program which employs 32 people with mental and physical disabilities.

The curbside collection effort had to be cut back last year as well due to the costs involved. Collection was limited to items contained in approved blue bags that must be purchased through Pike Shop or at the Resale Shop on the square. Collection had to be limited to Bowling Green, though there are still collection containers throughout the county that are picked up on a regular basis.

The curbside collection program was extended on a three-month trial basis. Moore said they needed at least 100 households to participate to continue the program and that mark has been reached fairly steadily.

“Our costs have also gone down,” she explained. “By limiting it to the blue bags it goes faster since they don’t have to empty the bins or pick up things.”

She noted that costs are still under review and the board will be examining the overall program when it meets in April. She added that her recommendation will be to continue the curbside collection program.

The Pike County Sheltered Workshop is a not-for-profit organization. Moore pointed out that the recycling program just has to break even. Money collected from the recycling is used to pay wages to the 32 team members and the four staff members, as well as the costs to operate the equipment, collection, etc.

“These individuals spend the money they earn locally. It’s just a good program overall.”

Currently the program will continue as it has with blue bags. All materials must be placed in the blue bags for collection. Bags can be purchased at Pike Shop or the Resale Shop on the square. They are 50-cents each or a bundle of six is $3.

Pike Shop recycles #1 and #2 plastics such as soda and detergent bottles, all paper products such as magazines, newspapers, books and junk mail, cardboard (with the exception of wax/plastic-covered cardboard), aluminum cans, shredded paper, clothes and shoes.

The program can not collect any glass materials, tin cans, styrofoam materials, electronics or appliances.

Moore noted that businesses are still urged to contact Pike Shop about recycling collection.

“We will make regular visits to businesses or can come as needed.”

Pike Shop is located at 900 Independence Drive in Bowling Green. For more information, contact Pike Shop at 324-2205.

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