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Frankford Police Department Focuses On New Approaches To Strengthening Community

Frankford Police Chief Joey Minor says the department is looking at new ways to go about solving the problems that face communities of every size.

The department has its sights set on limiting narcotics activity, cleaning up dangerous properties and helping to ensure safety overall. Minor noted that using some new methods to reach out to the community has been beneficial.

“We have a Facebook page now and I have given out my personal cell phone number,” Minor said. “I want people to feel comfortable talking to us and sharing with us what is going on.”

Minor also works for the police department in Pleasant Hill, Ill. He noted the people there are vigilant about policing their own community.

“They will go right to the chief’s house and talk about what’s going on there.”

He pointed out the candid relationship that particular community enjoys with law enforcement has helped that department meet challenges that can be particularly difficult for a small operation.

Minor noted Frankford citizens are proactive and know that having police protection is vital in many ways other than just promoting safety. It also helps generate economic development and improves stability.

“Everyone has been great. I was astounded at how the Facebook page took off. We’ve had a great response.”

Minor has a staff of three others to man the department including Chief Deputy Josh Baker and Officers David Carroll and Brenden McPike. All of them are also employed by the Pike County Sheriff’s Department and even hold other jobs. Minor noted that policing in a small community can be a labor of love and that it’s something that is personally important to each of them.

Working within the constraints of a small budget, the city can only cover expenses for 30-hours per week. Minor said his staff has been able make the budget stretch to get the “best bang for the buck.”

He noted that City Clerk Marilyn Frazer has been an invaluable resource. She manages the paperwork side of things and has vast knowledge of the city.

Minor said the department has been able to begin work on property maintenance issues and recently updated and installed a new records management system. This will make the small department eligible for federal/state grant money they couldn’t previously seek.

“We’ve gotten a lot of work done in a short amount of time,” Minor remarked.

While the problems facing Frankford are the same as most communities, Minor noted that strong community support makes taking on those challenges much easier.

He encourages residents to contact the police department or him personally to share their concerns or ideas.

“I want to be available all the time. It was important to me when I decided to take this position,” he added.

Minor can be reached at 573-822-8252 and the department can be found on Facebook at

McPike was already an officer with the department when Minor took the helm. Minor has over 20 years of experience in law enforcement and military police. Baker has been in law enforcement almost 20 years and Carroll has over 20 years of experience.

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