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Three-Peat For Van-Far Boys At District Track In New Haven

The Van-Far Indians are pictured with the first palce plaque from the Class 1 District 1 track meet at New Haven on Saturday, May 6. Pictured, front row (l-r): Parker Wallace, Verdell Johnson, Morgan Slatten, Sam Hazel, and manager Coby Uhey. Second row: Head Coach Kevin Ballwin, Josh Hodde, Joseph Clithero, Sharrod “Boomer” Connor, Lathyn McMorris, Jacob Garner, Walter Salmon Jr., Tyler Robinson, and Logan Holt. Third row: Verlyn Johnson, Dillion Minor, Trevor Crider, Nathan Beatty, Alex Flowers, and Kyle Ebers.

The Class 1 District 1 track meet was held Saturday, May 6 at New Haven High School.

The Van-Far boys placed first as a team to bring home first place hardware for the third straight year with a score of 152. Clopton Hawks placed 8th with 25 points; and Silex 14th, 5 points.

The top four tracksters in each category will move on the sectional Saturday, May 13 at Lutheran North, St. Louis.

Additionally, there were two school records broken on Saturday with the 4×800 relay team, for the third time this season, broke their previous time of 8:40.70 with a time of 8:38.71. Team members are Tyler Robinson, Samuel Hazel, Lathyn McMorris, and Trevor Crider.

Lathyn McMorris broke a 33 year record held by Kevin Keltner in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:01.64. The previous record was 2:02.20.

The Van-Far Lady Indians captured third place with a score of 82; followed by Silex in fourth place, 74 and Clopton in fifth place, 46.


Pole Vault – Jacob Garner, VFHS, 1st, 11-06.

Long Jump – Walter Salmon Jr., VFHS, 6th, 16-11; Chase Groshong, SHS, 8th, 16-09.50; Nick Kientzy, SHS, 12th, 15-05.75; Patrick Finnegan, VFHS, 18th, 12-09.

Triple Jump – Walter Salmon Jr., VFHS, 9th, 33-11; Nick Kientzy, SHS, 11th, 31-02; Landon Boothe, SHS, 13th, 30-04.50; Morgan Slatten, VFHS, 15th, 27-09.

Discus – Kyle Ebers, VFHS, 2nd, 126-04; Nathan Kientzy, SHS, 5th, 109-04; Nathan Beatty, VFHS, 8th, 102-11; Damian Walker, CHS, 13th, 93-08; Michael Wright, CHS, 16th, 85-11;.

Shot Put – Alex Flowers, VFHS, 4th, 36-00.75; Nathan Beatty, VFHS, 7th, 33-10.50; Damian Walker, CHS, 9th, 32-03; Nathan Kientzy, SHS, 15th, 29-02.

Javelin – Alex Flowerse, VFHS, 15th, 78-02.

4×800 Meter Relay – VFHS, 1st, Tyler Robinson, Samuel Hazel, Lathyn McMorris, Trevor Crider, 8:38.71.

110 Meter Hurdles – Shawn Yates, CHS, 3rd, 19.54.

100 Meters – Sharrod “Boomer” Connor, VFHS, 1st, 11.49; Jacob Garner, VFHS, 3rd, 11.89.

4×200 Meter Relay – VFHS, 1st, Jacob Garner, Verlyn Johnson, Parker Wallace, Sharrod “Boomer” Connor, 1:35.31; CHS, 7th, Robert Rothbard, Dylan Smith, Damian Walker, Micahel Wright, 1:48.70.

1600 Meter Run – Lathyn McMorris, VFHS, 1st, 4:39.82; Donovan Denslow, CHS, 4th, 4:47.25; Tyler Robinson, VFHS, 11th, 5:14.08; Nick Kientzy, SHS, 15th, 5:35.92.

4×100 Meter Relay – VFHS, 1st, Jacob Garner, Trevor Crider, Parker Wallace, Sharrod “Boomer” Connor, 45.29; CHS, 7th, Ali Ankelman, Robert Rothbard, Peyton Sambo, Dylan Smith, 50.52.

400 Meters – Parker Wallace, VFHS, 2nd, 52.05; Verlyn Johnson, VFHS, 3rd, 54.60; Dylan Smith, CHS, 4th, 57.62.

300 Meter Hurdles – Trevor Crider, VFHS, 2nd, 43.59.

800 Meters – Lathyn McMorris, VFHS, 1st, 2:01.64; Samuel Hazel, VFHS, 6th, 2:10.65; Donovan Denslow, 10th, CHS, 2:23.84; Nathan Kientzy, SHS, 11th, 2:25.54.

200 Meters – Sharrod “Boomer” Connor, VFHS, 2nd, 23.85; Dillion Minor, VFHS, 6th, 24.70.

3200 Meters – Lathyn McMorris, VFHS, 3rd, 11:01.65; Tyler Robinson, VFHS, 4th, 11:06.03; Chance Lucas, CHS, 9th, 12:13.14.

4×400 Meter Relay – VFHS, 1st, Parker Wallace, Alex Flowers, Verlyn Johnson, Trevor Crider, 3:38.54; CHS, 4th, Eli Ankelman, Donovan Denslow, Robert Rothbard, Dylan Smith, 3:58.76.


High Jump – Elly Boothe, SHS, 1st, 4-08; Mollie Stanek, SHS, 8th, 4.

Pole Vault – Jordan Garner, VFHS, 2nd, 6-09.

Long Jump – Makayla McAfee, VFHS, 5th, 13-05.25; Mollie Stanek, SHS, 8th, 12-02.75; Jordon Hurt, SHS, 9th, 11-11.50; Colby Walton, VFHS, 12th, 11-00.75.

Triple Jump – Alivia Graddy, VFHS, 4th, 30; Olivia Brune, CHS, 8th, 28; Colby Walton, VFHS, 11th, 20.

Discus – Jordan Garner, VFHS, 3rd, 91-10; Macy Lindsey, SHS, 4th, 86-11; Calynn Lockard, CHS, 7th, 74-04; Ashley Stanich, VFHS, 9th, 66-11; Emily Weatherford, SHS, 13th, 53-07.

Shot Put – Kassandra McGuire, CHS, 1st, 31-11.75; Macy Lindsey, SHS, 2nd, 29-10.75; Ashley Stanich, VFHS, 10th, 24-06; Mackenzie Kurz, VFHS, 11th, 24-06; Emily Weatherford, SHS, 14th, 21-06.25.

4×800 Meter Relay – VFHS, 3rd, Taryn Adam, Alexandra Connaway, Juliana Martinez, Lauren Shaw, 11:49.90; CHS, 5th, Madison Horstmeier, Kasey Leake, Calynn Lockard, Patricia Luke, 12:27.

100 Meter Hurdles – Elly Boothe, SHS, 1st, 17.83; Grace Hudson, SHS, 2nd, 18.15; Makayla McAfee, VFHS, 3rd, 18.20; Beverly Abel, CHS, 4th, 18.31.

100 Meters – Casey Pruitt, SHS, 3rd, 13.87; Jordan Garner, VFHS, 4th, 13.93.

4×200 Meter Relay – SHS, 2nd, Elly Boothe, Madi Geeding, Chloee Kinion, Casey Pruitt, 1:59.95.

1600 Meters – Jayle Jennings, VFHS, 1st, 5:58.16; Shelby Krueger, SHS, 9th, 7:10.98; Alyssa Harry, CHS, 11th, 7:28.67; Avery Rose, CHS, 12th, 7:35.69; Rianna Rice, SHS, 13th, 7:50.75; Calynn Lockard, CHS, 14th, 8:12.67.

4×100 Meter Relay – VFHS, 4th, Alivia Graddy, Jordan Garner, Hannah Bauman, Madalyn Swafford, 57.10; CHS, 5th, Beverly Abel, Olivia Brune, Stephanie Talbert, Madison Horstmeier, 57.10; SHS, 6th, Madi Geeding, Chloee Kinion, Isabelle Sgroi, Casey Pruitt, 57.14.

400 Meters – Alexandra Connaway, VFHS, 8th, 1:13.89; CHS, 12th, 1:18.22.

300 Meter Hurdles – Beverly Abel, CHS, 1st, 51.01; Elly Boothe, SHS, 2nd, 52; Makayla McAfee, VFHS, 3rd, 52.52; Grace Hudson, SHS, 4th, 53.61.

800 Meters – Juliana Martinez, VFHS, 6th, 2:47.27; Patricia Luke, CHS, 7th, 2:49.41; Madeleine Dunn, VFHS, 14th, 3:08.87; Katy Millwood, 17th, 3:15.86; Shelby Kreuger, SHS, 18th, 3:6.52; Kasey Leake, CHS, 19th, 3:19.54.

200 Meters – Casey Pruitt, SHS, 8th, 30.75.

3200 Meters – Jayle Jennings, VFHS, 1st, 13:17.61; Madelyn McAfee, VFHS, 6th, 14.23.46.

4×400 Meter Relay – VFHS, 5th, Alexandra Connaway, Makayla McAfee, Aubrey Bunge, Lauren Shaw, 4:51.71.

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