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Counterfeit Money Turns Up In Frankford & Other Local Areas

Counterfeit money has turned up around the area over the past couple of months and in Frankford and Vandalia last week.

Frankford Chief of Police Joey Minor said two individuals will be charged in connection with the incidents. The names of the individuals were not released as of press time.

Minor noted that residents and businesses should check all cash. He explained that criminals will often mix counterfeit bills with real currency when perpetrating such crimes.

“If the currency has [foreign] markings or ‘for motion picture use only’ on the bills, do not accept them,” Minor remarked. He added that anyone who is suspicious of bills should take them to a local bank for verification.

A Frankford business was hit on Tuesday last week. Similar bills turned up at the Vandalia license office. Vandalia Police Chief Chris Hammann said the department is going through surveillance footage and the investigation is ongoing.

Louisiana Police Chief April Epperson said twenty-dollar bills have also been passed there.

“We had counterfeit money a few months back and a couple more recently. Some is ‘motion picture money’ and the other was the money with red foreign writing and black dotted lines,” she said, adding both types of counterfeit bills can be purchased online.

Epperson said a local bank caught some bills that had been passed at a convenience store. She noted they have been sent to the federal level.

Bowling Green Chief of Police Don Nacke said fake money had turned up in town a couple of months ago.

It is likely the incidents are related and law enforcement agencies are working together on the issue.

Watch the Trib’s Facebook page and next week’s edition for more on the investigation and charges that have been filed.

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