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Masked Man Attempts To Enter Three Vandalia Homes

The Vandalia Police Department continues to investigate reports from three residents that a man wearing a ski mask tried to gain entry into their homes last week.

Vandalia Police Chief Chris Hammann said all three incidents took place late Thursday evening between 9-11:30 p.m. Suspect details are sketchy at this time but it appears the perpetrator was working alone and may be in his 30s-40s wearing a black ski mask. It further appears the suspect was acting on foot without a vehicle.

The first home invasion attempt occurred at the home of an elderly woman in the 900 block of South Maple Street. The suspect attempted to break in through a rear window and then attempted to pry the rear door open, damaging the frame. The victim was home at the time of the attempted invasion and called 911. Officers responded but were unable to locate the suspect.

Two other break-in attempts were reported in the same area later in the evening. None of the attempts were successful.

Hammann urges residents to take precautions and be vigilant. He noted that he had extra patrols over the weekend from the Audrain Sheriff’s Department.

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