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Louisiana Council Approves Appointment Of Ringhausen

City Reviews Proposal For 401 Georgia Street Property

The Louisiana City Council has all eight seats full again as the appointment of Bob Ringhausen was approved at a special meeting on Monday, July 10 prior to the committee meetings.

Mayor Bart Niedner made the appointment and thanked Ringhausen for his willingness to serve until the April election. Ringhausen took the seat in Ward 4 that was recently vacated by Chris Koetters. Ringhausen was placed on the public safety, enterprise and finance committees.

City Administrator Kelly Henderson notified council members that a proposal for the property at 401 Georgia Street has been submitted by Jay Thomas on behalf of the “Save Our Streetscape” (SOS) group. Thomas told council members at a recent council meeting that the group is comprised of concerned citizens who want to see the building saved rather than demolished.

Henderson informed council members he had received the proposal that day and that he would forward copies to all the members. He told The People’s Tribune after the meeting that details of the proposal would be made available later this week.

Engineering reports have confirmed the stability of the structure at 401 Georgia is in serious condition. The city recently hired contractor Danny Orf to stabilize the shared wall with the property at 403 Georgia Street that is occupied by James Davis and his Maxfield’s cafe.

Thomas told the council the group is very committed to the restoration effort.

He further noted the city wants to avoid a “domino effect” with some of the declining properties.

Mayor Niedner pointed out the council would need time to review the proposal before taking action, though a decision will need to be made soon.

Another issue the city will be looking to act on soon is the ordinance on travel trailers as work is soon-approaching on the Champ Clark Bridge. Henderson said he has received numerous requests from individuals who are considering making an investment to their properties to accommodate individuals who will be working in the area. Currently the ordinance allows for one trailer per lot, but several council members have expressed interest in changing that based on a formula based on space.

Council member Tim Jackson noted a meeting is slated for Tuesday, July 18 to discuss the topic. The council could take action to officially change the rules at the regular council meeting on Monday, July 24.

Henderson addressed the traffic situation during the meeting on Monday. He noted that a portion of Third Street had to be closed off for infrastructure upgrades. He added this is being done in preparation of the state overlay project in September.

During the economic development committee portion of the meeting, Mayor Niedner noted the city is still looking to combine resources with other civic groups to create a unified economic development effort. He explained the city can’t afford a full-time economic development director at this time. The city and other entities are still pursuing a unified effort.

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