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Secretary Of State Talks About New Voter ID Law

Secretary of State John R. Ashcroft offered a presentation at the Bowling Green Housing Authority last week regarding the state’s new voter identification law.

Several area residents attended the presentation to learn more about the law and to hear details about obtaining a state identification card free of charge.

Ashcroft noted that any form of identification that individuals used before will still work under the state’s new system, however, there are stipulations about the preferred types of identification. He provided informational hand-outs and had forms available for those who need to obtain new identification.

He also pointed out that even those who arrive at a polling place on election day with no identification will be allowed to vote with a provisional ballot.

“We need your voice, your vote,” Ashcroft said. “We want your voice to be heard. If you’re a registered voter, you can vote.”

While there are no changes for individuals who vote using an absentee ballot, a new photo voter ID law went into effect on June 1 which outlines the various identification options for voters.

The presentation was part of a larger state-wide effort to make residents aware of the law change and to urge voter registration. The campaign “#ShowIt2Vote” provides complete information about the new law and how residents can get a free photo ID.

According to the new law, the preferred option for voting will be a state driver’s licence or non-driver license, U.S. passport or military identification.

Other secondary forms of identification that will still be accepted include: voter registration card, paycheck stub or bank statement along with a signature confirming the person’s identity.

Missouri’s photo voter ID law also requires the state of Missouri to assist voters who might not have a photo ID with the process of obtaining one free Missouri non-driver license for the purpose of voting.

Ashcroft said residents can contact the Secretary of State’s office either online or by phone for more information. He noted that all of the forms will be handled free of charge and residents can receive a free photo ID for the purposes of voting.

Organizers of the event pointed out it’s good for older individuals to get the most up-to-date information on such an important issue as voting.

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