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Louisiana School Board Votes To Move Forward On Plan To Join EMO Conference

Louisiana R-II Superintendent Dr. Todd Smith reports the school board voted 6-1 in favor of a proposal to leave the Clarence Cannon Conference and join the EMO Conference.

Smith explained the district had received an invitation from the EMO Conference after Community R-VI announced it will be departing from the conference. Smith pointed out the discussion wouldn’t even have come up in the conference had not reached out to them.

While the issue has been shot down before, there are a number of factors that have persuaded many to have a change of heart.

The biggest issue to staying in the Clarence Cannon Conference is the geography. The conference keeps moving away from Louisiana. Several schools require a four-hour round trip drive. That is hard for students and parents as well as being costly at a time where every penny counts.

Furthermore, the schools in the EMO Conference are much closer and can provide good rivalries just like the Clarence Cannon Conference.

While the school board has voted in favor of the switch, Louisiana still has to make a presentation to the EMO Conference in September. The conference representatives will then vote on Louisiana’s inclusion at that time.

Watch The People’s Tribune for more on the potential switch in next week’s edition.

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