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Bowling Green Works With County Officials To Move Forward On Building Demolitions

Bowling Green city officials and Pike County commissioners met with contractors on Monday, Oct. 2 in a pre-bid meeting to discuss possible building demolitions.

The city is looking to take down the three-story brick building at the corner of Main and Court Streets that is owned by Gary Rahmeyer. Building Inspector Mel Orf told the Board of Aldermen on Monday that the building has already shifted since it was inspected by engineers on Sept. 11. He noted the east wall has started to bow about 20-fee up. The city’s engineer has noted the building isn’t in immediate danger of collapse, but that it cannot be salvaged. In the interest of pubic safety, officials are looking to have the building taken down.

Along with the three-story structure, the city is also looking to take down the old gas company building. Currently a portion of Court Street has been closed between the two buildings.

In addition to the two buildings, contractors will also look to bid on two of three buildings that make up the Courthouse Annex on Main Street. The structure has some concerns but portions can be salvaged. Presiding Commissioner Chris Gamm told the board on Monday that the county is looking to work with the city on the project.

“We’ve been kicking the can down the road since 2015,” he remarked. “We’ve got to face reality here.”

Orf noted that it will bring down costs to remove portions of the annex along with the Rahmeyer building. He told The People’s Tribune that four contractors are looking to submit bids. They will bid on the Rahmeyer and Butler properties and then submit bids with the annex included.

City Administrator Barb Allison noted that bids are due on Oct. 16. She told the board that at that time they can review the bids along with consulting with the County Commission before deciding on the next step forward.

Aldermen also discussed options for a new UV disinfection system for the wastewater treatment plant and forestry consulting proposals at the board committee meeting on Monday.

Allison reported the event hosted by the Bowling Green Parks and Recreation Department on Saturday, Sept. 30 was well-received. She said the city will look to hold a similar event next spring. The event featured activities including a moving in the park for kids that had over 100 in attendance and a concert with local blues performer Marquise Knox.

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