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Pike County Recorder Warns Of Scam Targeting New Property Owners

Pike County Recorder Sherry McCarty says a scam has been going around that claims a deed can be purchased for $87.

McCarty says deeds are not that expensive and that her office only charges $1 per page so deeds with short descriptions can be as little as $3 or $4.

“It seems to only be new property purchases that they’re sending these letters to,” McCarty said. “We haven’t figured out yet how they’re getting people’s information to send them the letter.”

McCarty called the number that was on one of the letters. The representative said he worked out of a call center and could not explain how they handled the deeds.

“If you receive a letter about getting the deed for a home, it is likely a scam. People should call the office or stop by here before doing anything like that,” McCarty noted.

The letters have been from a company called Records Recovery Services.

“They charge way more than anyone needs to pay.”

McCarty said the representative she spoke with wasn’t pushy but was perfectly ready to accept her money if she was willing to take part in the service.

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