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Stark Bro’s Presented With Missouri Chamber Of Commerce Fast-Track Award

The Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry has chosen Stark Bro’s Nurseries & Orchards Co. as one of only seven companies to receive this year’s Fast Track Award.

The Missouri Business Awards ceremony took place at Busch Stadium, November 16 at the Chamber’s annual meeting and awards banquet. Ken Lane, Stark Bro’s Chief Marketing Officer, was on hand to accept the award for Stark Bro’s.

“It’s quite an honor for a two-hundred-year-old company to be given a ‘Fast Track’ award,” says Lane. “If that means we’re still innovating and producing and contributing to the economic health of our community, then we have much to be proud of. Stark Bro’s is a MO institution, and it is wonderful indeed to still be able to garner this kind of recognition. We are very grateful to the Chamber for honoring us.”

The Fast Track Award is given to Missouri’s fastest-growing businesses — companies that are making a difference in improving the state’s workforce.

“These are the companies that are driving economic growth in Missouri,” said Missouri Chamber president and CEO Dan Mehan. “We consider these companies the superheroes of our economy. Many have overcome significant obstacles to be where they are today, but through hard work, innovation and perseverance they are thriving and providing thousands of Missourians with good paying jobs and opportunities.”

Read more about the Stark Bro’s award on the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s website.

Stark Bro’s will begin its 202nd year in business this coming January.

About Stark Bro’s Nurseries & Orchards Co.

Stark Bro’s, founded in 1816 — the world’s oldest fruit-tree nursery — offers more than 150 varieties of fruit, nut and shade trees and other garden plants. The company mails out 2 million catalogs each year to home gardeners, and ships more than 1 million trees and plants to consumers and commercial orchardists nationwide.

Stark Bro’s is still located in Louisiana, MO, along with its retail Garden Center, warehouses, greenhouses and main test orchards. Nursery stock is also grown in Atlas, Illinois. For more information, please visit

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