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Bowling Green Board Debates Utility Vehicle Policy

The Bowling Green Board of Aldermen held its committee meeting on Monday, Dec. 4 and took up the issue of utility vehicle use within city limits once again.

The issue has come up numerous times over the years. Board members have expressed interest in allowing certain types of utility vehicles to be operated on streets within city limits.

Alderman Janice Robinson pointed out that while she supports allowing golf carts and utility task vehicles (UTV) to be operated but did not want to allow all-terrain vehicles like three and four-wheelers.

“I can see people taking advantage of that.”

Alderman Craig Burnett noted that allowing some types could open the door for more people operating units even if they aren’t allowed. He further addressed the concern for safety.

“We’re going to be chasing everything.”

Mayor Don Hunter pointed out there are already buggies used on city streets that are slower-moving. He added that he didn’t think opening the door for golf carts and UTVs would add a great deal of traffic to the roads.

The city already allows for ATVs to be used during the winter months if they are outfitted with a plow and a permit is obtained. The permit is currently $15.

Alderman Terry Burris said he’d like to see the amount raised. It was suggested the city consider an increase to $25 for permits in the future.

Alderman Mark Bair questioned making those seeking a permit outfit their vehicle with working signals and lights.

Hunter expressed doubt over making that a policy. He pointed out buggies have a sign on the back without further requirements.

City Administrator Barb Allison suggested getting input from Jim Burlison, the city’s attorney.

Aldermen unanimously agreed to move forward with a policy allowing UTVs and golf carts. The matter will come before the board at the regular meeting on Monday, Dec. 18.

Allison reported that demolition of the two buildings near the square is set to begin later this month and will take about 60 days. She added that a place for all of the clean fill has been found.

In reports from city officials, Bo Stinnett and Mel Orf addressed other ongoing projects. Stinnett said the water and sewer lines were being installed at Heritage Place and will tie in at Park Drive. He noted the intersection will likely have to be closed for a couple of days to complete that portion.

Orf noted the footings for the eight buildings at Heritage Place have been poured. He added that work on the interior of Dollar Tree has started and should take the balance of the month.

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