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Buffalo Township United Fund Reaches Goal

Buffalo Township United Fund June Fundraiser

At a recent meeting, the Buffalo Township United Fund (United Fund) board received great news from their treasurer…the 2017 fundraising goal of $30,000 had been met!

As a result, the 14 non-profit agencies, which made funding requests to the United Fund last November for 2017, will receive 100 percent of their requests. Checks totaling $29,850 have been presented to the various agencies.

The United Fund campaign kicked off in April with a barbeque fundraiser held during Stark Bro’s Customer Appreciation Days. In June a food booth was set up for Bike Across Missouri riders followed by a very successful Farm-to-Table dinner. A street-corner collection was held in August followed by a barbecue fundraiser lunch in September. In addition, various businesses contribute as well as make payroll deductions from employees’ paychecks for the amount each had pledged.

“It’s really inspiring to know we live in a community that is willing to help people in need, no matter the circumstance,” said Walter Logan, the United Fund board president. “We want to thank everyone for their contributions, large and small, to help local families.”

Over the last ten years, Buffalo Township United Fund has raised and distributed over $285,000 to non-profit agencies! Some of the agencies funded in 2017 by the United Fund assist in: buying equipment and maintaining fields for summer little league games, maintenance of the Scout House so scouting will have a place to call home in Louisiana, providing hot meals for shut-ins and senior citizens, providing early childhood education opportunities, providing school-age children exposure to the arts, and many, many more ways.

United Fund board vice-president Peggy Meyer said, “It’s the concept of people helping people which makes this campaign so special.”

As the United Fund board listened last month to the agency requests for 2018, it was obvious the needs continue to grow with the dynamics of the area. Therefore, to meet all of the requests the United Fund goal for the coming year has been set at $32,000.

United Fund efforts for 2018 begin now! If you would like to make a year-end donation, you may send a check payable to Buffalo Township United Fund or BTUF and mail it to PO Box 501, Louisiana, MO 63353 or by contacting any United Fund board member. Or if your business would like to have a presentation and / or learn more about the payroll deduction plan, please contact any BTUF board member.

The current, hard-working United Fund board members are Terry Cook, Sheila Edmiston, Judy Green, Ken Lane, Walter Logan, Peggy Meyer, Trent Meyers, Helen Mustell, Ann Narramore, Julie Stephens, Martha Weston and Regina Woods.

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