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National Mentoring Month Kick-Off Starts At Twin Pike Family YMCA

January is National Mentoring Month, and this year the Reach and Rise® Mentoring Program is celebrating 16 years of the mentoring movement with a recruitment campaign of one-on-one mentors in our area.

Reach & Rise® One-on-One Mentoring Program looks for adult volunteers (mentors) who can guide and build a positive rapport with youth. Volunteers may start mentoring at anytime of the year. Become a mentor and find out that it is rewarding and as easy as one to two hours a week. Mentors must be at least 23 years old and pass a background check. By volunteering, mentors build a friendship with students, and provide children with someone who will listen to them.

Reach and Rise® Mentoring Director, Judy Shearon says, “Youth with mentors are more likely to engage in positive behavior and develop stronger community service. A community mentoring program changes lives. Our mentors are from all walks of life. With this recruitment campaign we focus on a goal of 20 new mentors.”

They invite local adults to come out to the YMCA on Wednesday, Jan. 17 from 4-6 p.m., to sign-up. Drop by and pick up your mentor application. Mentor applications can be downloaded from Twin Pike Family YMCA, Reach & Rise® Program web page.

As part of this kick-off, we are also taking children referrals for the one-on-one program. Pike County children ages 6-17 have an application process that is made by parents, relatives, school personnel, and community organizations. They are proud to offer a supportive program that makes a difference by matching youth with a mentor.

The Twin Pike Family YMCA offers a group mentoring program for after school program children, ages 8-15. Group mentoring program lets children gain in personal growth and in problem-solving skills. For volunteer mentor information please contact Stacy Hamlett, Reach and Rise® Group Mentoring Director.

For information on one-on-one mentoring please call Judy Shearon at 754-4497.

Step forward in your community; mentoring benefits all ages.

Contact Judy Shearon, Reach & Rise® One-on-One Mentoring Program Director, Twin Pike Family YMCA phone 754-4497 office; 217-341-3337 cell; or email, for more information.

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