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Pike County Memorial Hospital Expands Its Digital Imaging Capabilities

A new generation of imaging technology is enabling physicians at PCMH to make a seamless transition into digital X-ray examinations. PCMH is among the first health care facilities in the region to offer the ArtPix EZ2GO, a flexible digital retrofit detector that upgrades X-ray capabilities throughout the facility with safer exams and sharper images.

“The ArtPix EZ2GO represents a big step forward in diagnostic imaging, that exemplifies the commitment to excellence at PCMH,” said Rebekka Thornton, BS, RT, (R) (M) (CT) (BD) ARRT, PCMH Director or Radiology.

“It helps us to improve diagnostic confidence with a detector that provides sharper digital images at a low dose, making for a safer patient examination and greater diagnostic certainty.”

The ArtPix EZ2GO is part of a new generation of digital radiography imaging solutions that leverages the versatility of the MAX detector from Siemens Healthineers. It’s a non-invasive way for PCMH to digitize and standardize the examinations we offer in radiography, fluoroscopy and mobile X-ray.”

Sharper Imaging

The digital detector is built to deliver the highest diagnostic quality possible, for a dependable outcome and more diagnostic certainty.Outstanding imaging quality does not have to come at a higher dose. Our detector is optimized for low dose to benefit our patients.

Stronger Synergies

ArtPix is a unique wireless solution that upgrades our digital capabilities in multiple rooms – radiography, fluoroscopy, and portable.

“We are now in a position to expand the exams we offer the community and do it in a safer and more productive way,” said Justin Selle, PCMH CEO.

“It’s about more than just features and functions. This detector represents an opportunity for us to provide safer exams for our patients and at the same time enhance our efficiency.”

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