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Commissioners Change Ballot Language For Proposed Centralized 911 Funding

After a petition circulated last week regarding centralized 911, Pike County Commissioners decided to change the ballot language to reflect what citizens were requesting.

Originally the commission acted on the recommendation of the 911 panel and set the proposed sales tax rate at 5/8 of one percent. The Prop 911 group sought a lower rate of a one half-cent, a difference on a sixteenth of a cent.

“The difference would be in the amount of reserve funds that would be available for unforeseen costs that may occur during the building process and setting up of the new 911 center,” noted Eastern District Commissioner Justin Sheppard.

On Thursday the commissioners also approved a motion to not enter into any contracted services tying the elected board with the appointed board if the measure passes in August.

The concerned citizens group has a Facebook page dedicated to answering questions and discussion about the issue.

Revenues generated by this tax would be managed and administered wholly by a 7-member independent, elected board without oversight by either the Pike County Commissioners or by the Sheriff’s office. The proposed tax would generate approximately $950,000 annually. See how the numbers add up at the group can also be reached at Pike

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