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Work Is Underway On Huge Georgia Street Project

Motorists Urged To Be Patient During Construction

After two years of meticulous planning and securing a proper funding mechanism, work has officially started on the Georgia Street corridor project that voters approved.

The project is an overhaul from bottom up addressing water and wastewater lines, storm water collection, sidewalks and the actual street itself. Mayor Bart Niedner pointed out that some of the infrastructure under the street is over 100 years old. He added that while this project will not solve everything, as the primary infrastructure artery it is a huge step in the right direction.

“As soon as the project signs arrive and the weather cooperates, we will schedule a small groundbreaking ceremony to formally mark this occasion,” Niedner remarked.

It is expected that construction will take about 20 months to complete and will include street closures in various, and sometimes multiple, places along Georgia.

“Every attempt is being made to minimize impacts and clearly mark detours. But this effort will require patience as we heal our system,” Niedner noted. “Please be polite, friendly and safe to the crews and your fellow drivers and pedestrians. A smile goes a very long way. Let’s kick this bicentennial year off by showing one another what an industrious and cooperative future looks like.”

Financing for the project was completed as certificates of participation and is non-rated according to Steve Goehl of D.A. Davidson & Co.

“The funds to complete the projects, the amount of which was determined by actual bids or engineering/city estimates, are in the city’s account being held by the escrow agent.”

Goehl assured the city following a rash of rumors regarding the project’s financing.

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