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Moore-Pike Nursing Home May Face Upcoming Closure

Pam Meier, administrator of Moore-Pike Nursing Home in Bowling Green issued a statement on Monday regarding rumors about the facility and its potential closure.

“The State of Missouri cut all Missouri nursing home Medicaid rates by $5.37 per person, per day last year. Our census has been low the last four years due to residents staying home longer with personal care givers, hospital’s swing bed programs, other new type facilities being constructed, etc.,” she explained in the statement.

“It is no longer profitable for our stand-alone facility to stay in business. Notices have been sent to family members that Moore-Pike will probably sell. Meetings have been held with staff and [to] alert residents,” Meier continued. “We have an interested buyer, but no contract has been written or signed. More information will follow when available.”

She concluded the statement by noting no other comments would be made about the situation at this time.

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