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Blaze Claims Home Near Bowling Green

A rural Bowling Green family is working to pick up the pieces following a fire that claimed their home on Wednesday night.

Firefighters were called to the scene at about 10:15 p.m. on Wednesday when homeowners Joey and Christy Orf arrived to their home engulfed in flames.

Bowling Green Fire Chief Adam Mitalovich said he was in the first truck that arrived at the scene at 10:26 p.m.

“It was fully involved when we arrived. It was a big fire that had been going for a while before we got there,” Mitalovich told The People’s Tribune.

He said there were about 15 firefighters on the scene and a total of six apparatus. Mutual aid was provided by the Buffalo Township Fire Protection District. Mitalovich said the fire was out by about 2 a.m. and the cause of the fire at the two-story house is undetermined.

Christy Orf noted it was terrifying to drive up to the fire. She noted the family lost pets inside but that animals outside were spared. She added how grateful she was for the safety of her family.

“We’ve been flooded with an outpouring of support,” she remarked. “Our immediate needs are being met.”

Immediately after the fire the community circulated information and clothing sizes for the family and donations were made along with crowd-funding social media accounts and PayPal. Costumes were even created to replace the ones lost in the fire for their daughters’ dance recital over the weekend.

Orf said that if anyone still wants to help that monetary donations are best and deeply appreciated.

“We don’t have any storage for anything and room is limited where we are staying,” she remarked.

Orf said the outpouring has been moving.

“There are so many that have reached out and donated.”

She noted that strangers have even donated.

“I want everyone to know it really means a lot to us – so much that I don’t even have words to express the appreciation we have.”

With only the foundation remaining, there is a long road ahead for the family. Orf noted work has already started as they plan to rebuild at the location.

Donations and gift cards can be left at Greg’s Glass, located on Hwy. NN outside Bowling Green.

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