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Eastern MO Family YMCA Answers Frequently Asked Questions

As construction progresses on the Eastern Missouri Family YMCA, lots of questions have been buzzing related to how the YMCA will impact the area.

Those who may have YMCA memberships in other towns understand the benefits and programs the YMCA will bring to the area, but those who are unfamiliar have questions.

To help answer some of the common questions, an article series of Frequently Asked Questions will be featured over the next several weeks. Plus, YMCA volunteers welcome additional questions. Odds are if one person has a question…there are others who have a similar question. Please submit any YMCA questions to

The YMCA is under construction, why is fundraising still occurring?

To simplify matters, YMCA volunteers refer to the YMCA project as Phase 1 and Phase 2. Funds raised to begin Phase 1 construction provided a completed basic facility, with concrete floors in several rooms and limited amenities. Phase 2 fundraising is focusing on providing quality flooring for the gym, walking track, fitness, and all other areas. Plus, the other main component of Phase 2 fundraising is securing an operating budget for employee salaries and monthly utilities/expenses. The YMCA would have functioned with only Phase 1 funds; however, Phase 2 fundraising will provide a facility that the community deserves.

Volunteers working on Phase 2 fundraising have been successful in securing some additional funds and a few new grants. The Capital Campaign committee will continue fundraising to secure Phase 2 funds, which will continue to benefit the project and make the YMCA the crown jewel for the area.

Will having a YMCA in the area cause my taxes to increase?

The answer is no. The funds for the YMCA are being secured thru the Vandalia Recreation Corporation, which is a not-for-profit organization that is independent and does not receive any city, county, state, or federal funds. Funds to construct and operate the YMCA have been obtained thru grants and generous donations.

What will my YMCA membership provide for me?

Membership to the Eastern Missouri Family YMCA provides access to the facility located in Vandalia, plus the Mexico Area Family YMCA. The Eastern Missouri Family YMCA is a branch of the Mexico Area Family YMCA, which means they are connected. Members of both YMCA’s can utilize both facilities and participate in programs at each location.

Members of the Eastern Missouri Family YMCA can enjoy the facility in Vandalia, which includes usage of the gym, walking track, wellness equipment, exercise classes for all ages, and numerous programs offered in individual or group settings. Or, Eastern Missouri Family YMCA members can venture to the Mexico facility to use the pool and other amenities.

In addition, the Eastern Missouri Family YMCA is very privileged to have the guidance and experience of the Mexico Area Family YMCA. The Mexico YMCA has over forty years of successful operation experience, plus they have continually expanded and improved their facilities and programs. The Mexico YMCA will be advising local YMCA staff and assisting with tailoring programs and classes to the area needs.

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