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Louisiana Rotary Club Hosts Annual Back-To-School Lunch

The Louisiana Rotary Club held their annual Back-To-School lunch on Tuesday, Aug. 14 for teachers, administrators and staff of the Louisiana R-II School District.

Dr. Todd Smith welcomed staff back and noted that Rotarians and teachers alike have come to enjoy this day together. Members of the Rotary club were on hand to welcome the teachers, thank them for their service and serve up a fried chicken dinner and lots of delicious desserts.

Rotary President Ben Logan presented a John Stoeckley framed print of local scenes to Calvin Jesberg in appreciation of his dedication in posting the flags in front of the school campus each holiday. Mr. Jesberg has taken sole ownership of the task for the last several years and the gesture is appreciated by the community.

Earlier in the day, Rotary Youth Exchange Counselor Cindy Blaylock had an opportunity to address the high school teachers about the exchange program. The Louisiana Rotary club has participated in the Rotary Exchange program for nearly 30 years and, as Blaylock noted, have enjoyed a good partnership with the district in providing the opportunity for students both inbound and outbound.

This year the club is welcoming Ella Karttunen from Finland. She’ll be attending LHS this year and is being hosted by the Bill and Patti Blackmore and their daughter Hannah during the first semester and by Josh and Amanda DePriest, daughters Tatum and Tessa for the second term.

Blaylock asked the faculty to welcome Ella and be the “village” that helps her have a good experience in our community. Rotary believes that peace can happen through understanding. The exchange program promotes that concept.

Oliva Blackmore, daughter of Bill and Patti has just arrived in Austria as an outbound student sponsored by the Louisiana Rotary Club. She’ll attend school and live with hosts over the next 11 months.

Marin Powers, daughter of Kristen and TC Powers has just returned to Louisiana from her outbound exchange to Japan. Marin presented a program on her experiences to the club members during their regular noon meeting Aug. 8. She had so much fun she that intends to try and do a college exchange in the coming years. Marin had an opportunity to visit with Olivia to give her some pointers prior to her departure.

Any of the students are available to speak to local groups and organizations. Anyone interested can contact any local Rotarian or Cindy Blaylock via the Louisiana Rotary Facebook page.

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