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Clarksville VFW, Auxiliary Plan Meeting To Discuss Ways To Revitalize, Rebuild Town

The Clarksville Memorial VFW and Auxiliary have been very much concerned about the town of Clarksville, and have decided to hold an open house for all concerned citizens, businesses, organizations, churches and individuals, hoping to come together trying rebuild and revilatize Clarksville.

The meeting will be held at the Clarksville VFW Post 4610 at 6:30 p.m., on Thursday, Sept. 27.

As they are no way trying to take over Clarksville or the chamber of commerce they are just trying to get some different ideas and opinions and input from all of you all to see what you would like to see done to help rebuild the master plan that was outlined in 2008.

They feel with everyone working together they can accomplish much. They cannot begin to bring it back it was in 1900’s or early 2000, but they feel with the bridges all finished that will be a help to all.

They know it can’t be done all at once but with God in the plan theywill be able to accomplish much.

Please try to come so together they can try to rebuild and revitalize Clarksville. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Refreshments will be served.

Commander Herbert Everett, President Mary Tarpein and officers and members of both post and auxiliary

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