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BGHS Publications Class Wins National Award

Bowling Green High School’s Publications class, which produces the Speaker yearbook and the Bobcaster school newspaper, has been recognized with the National Yearbook Program of Excellence for the 2017-18 school year.

The award goes to schools which are recognized for excellence in creation and distribution. The publications course, which is advised by BGHS high school teacher Emily Woodall, won the award by meeting all yearbook creation deadlines, incorporating 99 percent of students and faculty members in the yearbook at least three times, and meeting 99 percent of the yearbook sales goal. The school was awarded a plaque and banner.

The publications class can be taken by high school students beginning their sophomore year.

Students enrolled in Publications learn the fundamentals of photography, caption and copy writing, yearbook layout, marketing and ad sales, interviewing and journalism techniques, as well as capturing the history and memories of the school year.

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