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Applefest Presses On Despite Some Flooding

Despite flooding, the 40th Annual Clarksville Applefest went on as scheduled Oct. 13 and 14.

The water level at the Palmer home Saturday measured between two and three feet.

The Palmer family has lived in the house for less than two years.

Other Clarksville residents also have been cut off by high water.

Sandbags and a flood wall are in place and water was being pumped as the river continued its inundation.

See more Applefest highlights on page 8.

Above: Grace Palmer uses a kayak to get from her water-surrounded home to Highway 79 during the 40th annual Clarksville Applefest on Saturday. Grace is a daughter of Austin and Lindsey Palmer.

Above: Greg and Denese Monroe of Shawnee, Okla., take a selfie in front of the Touch the Mississippi sign Sunday, Oct. 14.

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