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Deer Totals In For Opening Weekend Of Firearms Season

The numbers keep rising, but the totals for the opening weekend were strong with over 101,000 deer harvested in the state of Missouri through Monday morning.

Firearms season started this weekend. A total of 1,606 deer were taken in Pike County. Of that total, 803 were antlered bucks, 164 were button bucks, and 639 does.

A total of 1,391 were harvested in Lincoln County. Of that, a total of 733 were antlered bucks, 146 were button bucks and 512 were does claimed.

In Audrain County a total of 929 deer were checked in by Monday morning. Of that a total of 426 were antlered bucks, 127 were button bucks and 376 were does.

Statewide the totals are up from last year’s opening weekend. Last year a total of 96,131 deer were claimed in opening weekend. Of that total, 55,753 were antlered bucks, 8,873 were button bucks and 31,505 were does.

A total of 185,062 deer were claimed over the entire November firearms season in 2017. Of that total there were 95,381 bucks, 18,888 button bucks and 70,793 does.

Find more information about local and statewide deer totals in next week’s edition of The People’s Tribune.

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