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Pike County 911 Board Hires First Director

The Pike County 911 Board has made the decision to hire Jim Porter as their first director.

Porter is coming to Pike County from Irondale. He is a husband, father and grandfather, and is also a veteran who has had a wide experience in public safety from being a fire fighter, president of the fire district, secretary of the ambulance district, certified E-911 director and instructor.

Porter was working for the Missouri Department of Corrections before taking this position.

The board felt his most notable work was with Washington County 911. He was part of a group that got a sales tax passed to first establish 911 there and went on to be the first director.

Over a ten year period he took Washington County from having no 911 at all to a fully-functioning center providing service to the entire county, including emergency medical dispatching.

The final decision to hire Porter and the unanimous vote took place during a closed session of the board’s regular scheduled Nov. 7 meeting. A two-year contract was signed on Nov. 9.

According to the board, once Porter is established he will welcome questions from the public.

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