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Johnson Signs With Culver-Stockton

Van-Far High School senior Verlyn Johnson signed a letter of intent for track and field at Culver-Stockton College on Friday, April 26.
Pictured, front row (l-r): Verlyn’s brothers, Verdell Johnson, Gilbert Hooker; Verlyn; and his mother, Denise Johnson. Second row: family friend Tom Dunn; Culver-Stockton Head Track and Field Coach Doug Savage; Van-Far Indians Track Head Coach Kevin Baldwin; family friends, Jeremy Hodde, and Micha Hodde.

Bobcats And Lady Cats Win The Louisiana Invitational Track Meet

The Louisiana High School held its annual invitational track meet on Tuesday, April 23.
The Bowling Green Bobcats brought home first place honors with 202 points followed by the second place Van-Far Indians with 142 points; Louisiana had 31 points for fifth place; and Clopton was seventh with 10 points.
The Bowling Green Lady Indians captured first place with 253 points; Van-Far Lady Indians came in third with 55 points; Louisiana Lady Bulldogs were fourth with 49 points; and Clopton Lady Hawks scored 36 points for sixth place.
100 meter dash – Verlyn Johnson, VFHS, 1st, 11.71; Devin Cropp, LHS, 2nd, 11.72; Dillion Minor, VFHS, 4th, 12.22; Bryson Lay, VFHS, 7th, 12.85; Hunter Smith, BGHS, 9th, 12.90; Robert Rothbard, CHS, 11th, 14.05; Dylan Horstmeier, CHS, 12th, 14.10.
200 meter dash – Verlyn Johnson, VFHS, 1st, 23.37; Dillion Minor, VFHS, 2nd, 24.20; Cale Shotton, BGHS, 4th, 24.89; Austin Callahan, BGHS, 5th, 25.12; Verdell Johnson, VFHS, 8th, 25.83; Dylan Horstmeier, CHS, 9th, 28.41; Michael Powers, LHS, 11th, 31.07.
400 meter run – Dillion Minor, VFHS, 1st, 54.32; Verlyn Johnson, VFHS, 2nd, 54.49; Cale Shotton, BGHS, 3rd, 56.16; Austin Callahan, BGHS, 4th, 56.22; Brian Kirtlink, LHSm, 4th, 58.79; Preston Burnett, VFHS, 6th, 58.81; Dylan Smith, CHS, 7th, 59.49; Andrew Bowen, BGHS, 10th, 1:05.43; Michael Powers, LHS, 11th, 1:14.44.
800 meter run – Jamael Troy, VFHS, 2nd, 2:13.14; Ben Walker, BGHS, 3rd, 2:13.41; Evan meyer, BGHS, 4th, 2:15.64; Samuel Hazel, VFHS, 5th, 2:16.85; Christian Medina, LHS, 7th, 2:22.12; Bryan Renner, LHS, 8th, 2:28.51; Morgan Slatten, VFHS, 9th, 2:30.61.
1600 meter run – Donovan Denslow, CHS, 1st, 4:53.92; Tyler Robinson, VFHS, 2nd, 5:00.64; Evan Meyer, BGHS, 3rd, 5:02.61; Colton Hearn, BGHS, 4th, 5:06.33; Samuel Hazel, VFHS, 6th, 5:18.72; Cody Wilkinson, BGHS, 8th, 5:26.32; Ennis Childs, VFHS, 10th, 6:24.08.
3200 meter run – Tyler Robinson, VFHS, 11:13.24; Samuel hazel, VFHS, 4th, 12:53.01; Bobby Perry, BGHS, 5th, 13:17.59; Juan Leon, BGHS, 6th, 13:27.80; Haden Massman, BGHS, 7th, 13:47.15; Ennis Childs, VFHS, 8th, 14:18.07.
110 meter hurdles – Austin Orf, BGHS, 1st, 16.36; Chad Bowen, LHS, 2nd, 17.71; Javan Moore, BGHS, 4th, 19.91; Bryson Lay, VFHS, 6th, 20.80; Charlie Bowen, BGHS, 7th, 21.19.
300 meter hurdles – Austin Orf, BGHS, 1st, 44.50; Benjamin Kimm, BGHS, 2nd, 46.57; Julian Holtkamp, VFHS, 4th, 49.44; Bryson Lay, VFHS, 5th, 49.71; Chad Bowen, LHS, 6th, 49.97; Charlie Bowen, BGHS, 7th, 50.28.
4×100 relay – VFHS, 3rd, Brennan Wheeler, Bryson Lay, Preston Burnett, Anthony Garland, 49.36; LHS, 4th, Tramaine Chatman, Chad Bowen, Brian Kirtlink, Devin Cropp, 49.75; BGHS, 5th, Jordan Miller, Hunter Smith, Alec Sloan, Jacob Grote, 49.76.
4×200 relay – BGHS, 2nd, Javan Moore, Alec Sloan, Cale Shotton, Hayden White.
4×400 relay – VFHS, 2st, Verdell Johnson, Dillion Minor, Jamael Troy, Verlyn Johnson, 3:44.44; BGHS, 3rd, Charlie Bowen, Evan Meyer, Hayden White, Ben Walker, 3:49.41.
4×800 relay – VFHS, 1st, Cayden Caldwell, Tyler Robinson, Julian Holtkamp, Jamael Troy, 8:53.62; BGHS, 2nd, Cody Wilkinson, Hayden White, Jeffery Lovell, Benjamin Kimm, 9:13.63.
Shot put – Dillion Burbridge, BGHS, 1st, 40-11; Phillip Byrum, BGHS, 2nd, 39-10; Maximus Roed, VFHS, 3rd, 39-08; Dayton Sanders, VFHS, 4th, 39-01; Dalton Gloe, LHS, 6th, 37-05; Daylen Love, LHS, 10th, 33-11; Jesse Calvert, LHS, 11th, 33-02; Jacob Bowen, BGHS, 12th, 32-07; Avery Hall, CHS, 13th, 31-03; Dominic Blackwell, VFHS, 14th, 31-02.
Discus – Ben Walker, BGHS, 1st, 127-05; Ethan Everhart, BGHS, 2nd, 114; Maximus Roed, VFHS, 3rd, 113-03; Dayton Sanders, VFHS, 5th, 103-05; Wyatt Early, LHS, 6th, 98-01; Tristen Smith, BGHS, 7th, 96-03; Michael Wright, CHS, 8th, 93-02; Dominic Blackwell, VFHS, 10th, 84-11; Avery Hall, CHS, 12th, 69-07; Joshua Mills, LHS, 14th, 52-03.
Javelin – Ben Walker, BGHS, 3rd, 116-06; Phillip Byram, BGHS, 4th, 108-11; Maximus Roed, VFHS, 6th, 105-06; Avery Hall, CHS, 9th, 75-07; Caden Wilburn, VFHS, 10th, 71-10; Brayden Prior, VFHS, 11th, 71-07; Joshua Mills, LHS, 12th, 59-10.
High jump – Austin Orf, BGHS, 1st, 6-01; Matthew Kay, BGHS, 2nd, 5-10; Brian Kirtlink, LHS, 4th, 5-04; Brennan Wheeler, VFHS, 6th, 5-02; Julian Holtkamp, VFHS, 7th, 5-02.
Pole vault – Charlie Bowen, BGHS, 1st, 9.
Long jump – Javan Moore, BGHS, 1st, 18-05; Matthew Kay, BGHS, 3rd, 17-8; Brogan Wheeler, VFHS, 4th, 17-07; Devin Cropp, LHS, 5th, 17-03; Benjamin Kimm, BGHS, 6th, 17-01.50; Anthony Garland, VFHS, 8th, 15-05.75.
Triple jump – Javan Moore, BGHS, 2nd, 39-10; Austin Orf, BGHS, 3rd, 38-09; Austin Callahan, BGHS, 5th, 38-01.75; Brennan Wheeler, VFHS, 6th, 37-08.25; Julian Holtkamp, VFHS, 8th, 34-03.
100 meter dash – Saige Mayfield, BGHS, 1st, 13.96; Kelley Lewis, BGHS, 2nd, 14.14; Cheyanne Talley, BGHS, 3rd, 14.47; Emily Oakes, CHS, 4th, 14.64; Cheyeanna Oberhaus, LHS, 6th, 15.09; Stephanie Talbert, CHS, 8th, 15.23; Shayla Hopkins, LHS, 10th, 16.24; Madilyn Ingram, VFHS, 11th, 16.32; Sharon Baur, VFHS, 13th, 17.10.
200 meter dash – Kasie Orf, BGHS, 1st, 29.37; Kelley Lewis, BGHS, 2nd, 29.42; Kinley Charlton, BGHS, 3rd, 29.62; Madisyn Parrish, CHS, 6th, 31.13; Alayna Bryan, VFHS, 7th, 31.16; Jamie Sencenbaugh, LHS, 8th, 32.05; Cheyeanna Oberhaus, LHS, 9th, 32.24; Emily Oakes, CHS, 10th, 32.93; Kari Leake, CHS, 12th, 33.88; Jaidyn Wommack, LHS, 13th, 35.33.
400 meter run – Quinn Grote, BGHS, 1st, 1:04.58; Carina Konstanzer, BGHS, 2nd, 1:07.95; Breanna Carman, VFHS, 6th, 1:13.32; Madelyn McAfee, VFHS, 7th, 1:13.71; Olivia Vaidya, CHS, 8th, 1:13.78; Madison bradley, LHS, 9th, 1:14.22; Kari Leake, CHS, 10rth, 1:16.50; Ella Kartunen, LHS, 11th, 1:18.60; Olivia Niemeyer, BGHS, 12th, 1:19.90.
800 meter run – Kate Klott, BGHS, 1st, 2:37.25; Jayle Jennings, VFHS, 2nd, 2:39.75; Sylvia Wagner, BGHS, 4th, 2:49.81; Meghan Kniess, BGHS, 5th, 2:50.36; Patricia Luke, CHS, 7th, 3:12.57; Alexis Ince, LHS, 8th, 3:29.57.
1600 meter run – Kate Klott, BGHS, 1st, 5:41.59; Megan McMillen, BGHS, 3rd, 6:06.15; Jayle Jennings, VFHS, 4th, 6:08.83; Sylvia Wagner, BGHS, 5th, 6:24.90; Patricia Luke, CHS, 7th, 7:06.69.
3200 meter run – Madelyn McAfee, VFHS, 3rd, 14:05.60; Bailee Kent, BGHS, 4th, 14:07.26; Abbie Waddell, BGHS, 5th, 15:41.73.
100 meter hurdles – Kamara Combs, LHS, 1st, 18.18; Tanner Turner, BGHS, 3rd, 19.54; Tayler Johnson, BGHS, 4th, 19.58; Vanessa Davis, BGHS, 5th, 19.64; Beverly Abel, CHS, 6th, 19.76; Jaidyn Wommack, LHS, 8th, 20.46; Cecelia Hathaway, LHS, 9th, 21.73.
300 meter hurdles – Beverly Abel, CHS, 1st, 53.40; Tanner Turner, BGHS, 3rd, 55.27; Vanessa Davis, BGHS, 4th, 56.04; Cecelia Hathaway, LHS, 7th, 1:08.19.
4×100 relay – BGHS, 1st, Cheyanne Talley, Saige Mayfield, Kinley Charlton, Hailey Prater, 55.36; LHS, 3rd, Faith Rule, Hanna Blackmore, Jamie Sencenbaugh, Maria Guiterrez, 55.96; CHS, 4th, Laura Huckstep, Madisyn Parrish, Caragan Lockard, Stephanie Talbert, 58.15; VFHS, 5th, Shyonna Martin, Kaylen Culwell, Kirsten Scott, Makenna Unglesbee, 59.78.
4×200 relay – BGHS, 1st, Kelley Lewis, Kinley Charlton, Kasie Orf, Tanner Turner, 1:54.70; LHS, 3rd, Faith Rule, Hanna Blackmore, Cheyeanna Oberhaus, Maria Guiterrez, 1:59.04; CHS, 4th, Beverly Abel, Laura Huckstep, Caragan Lockard, Madisyn Parrish, 1:59.86; VFHS, 5th, Alayna Bryan, Kaylen Culwell, Kirsten Scott, Breanna Carman, 2:05.55.
4×400 relay – BGHS, 1st, Kate Klott, Quinn Grote, Sylvia Wagner, Carina Konstanzer, 4:38.01; CHS, 3rd, Beverly Abel, Laura Huckstep, Caragan Lockard, Madisyn Parrish, 4:45.67; VFHS, 4th, Jayle Jennings, Alayna Bryan, Breanna Carman, Kaylen Culwell, 4:56.70; LHS, 6th, Madison Bradley, Kamara Combs, Maria Guiterrez, Hanna Blackmore, 5:27.66.
4×800 relay – BGHS, 1st, Camryn Grote, Taylor Blair, Meghan Kniess, Quinn Grote, 10:40.82.
Shot put – Grace Dameron, BGHS, 2st, 36-06; Loni Watts, LHS, 2nd, 34-03; Jordan Garner, VFHS, 3rd, 33-11.50; Victoria Meier, BGHS, 5th, 29; Aleece Walker, BGHS, 8th, 27-10; Kiara Chatman, LHS, 9th, 26-01.50; Stephanie Talbert, CHS, 10th, 24-11.50; Ke’la Campbell, LHS, 11th, 24-01.
Discus – Jordan Garner, VFHS, 1st, 105-11; Haylee Chandler, VFHS, 2nd, 104-11; Maria Guiterrez, LHS, 5th, 98-03; Jayle Jennings, VFHS, 6th, 90-04; Jamie Sencenbaugh, LHS, 7th, 82-03; Caitlin Bilhartz, BGHS, 8th, 77; Stephanie Talbert, CHS, 9th, 70-07; Victoria Meier, BGHS, 10th, 62.11; Ella Kartunen, LHS, 11th, 57-07.
Javelin – Jordan Garner, VFHS, 1st, 110-05; Haylee Chandler, BGHS, 2nd, 103-10; Maria Guiterrez, LHS, 5th, 98-03; Jayle Jennings, VFHS, 6th, 90-04; Jamie Sencenbaugh, LHS, 7th, 82-03; Caitlin Bilhartz, BGHS, 8th, 77; Stephanie Talbert, CHS, 9th, 70-07; Victoria Meier, BGHS, 10th, 62-11; Ella Kartunen, LHS, 11th, 57-07.
High jump – Haley Dowell, BGHS, 2nd, 4-05; Carina Konstanzer, BGHS, 3rd, 4-02.
Pole vault – Faith Rule, LHS, 1st, 9; Sidney Moss, BGHS, 2nd, 7-06; Tanner Turner, BGHS, 3rd, 7-06.
Long jump – Kasie Orf, BGHS, 1st, 14-07; Saige Mayfield, BGHS, 5th, 13-04; Shyonna Martin, VFHS, 6th, 12-05.50; Jaidyn Wommack, LHS, 7th, 11-01.50.
Triple jump – Tayler Johnson, BGHS, 1st, 30-00.50; Caragan Lockard, CHS, 3rd, 28-02.

Bowling Green Track Competes In Hannibal

The Bowling Green Bobcats and Lady Cats competed in the Becky Thatcher and Mark Twain Relays in Hannibal on Friday, April 26.
The Bobcats placed 10th with 30 points and the Lady Cats had 28 points for ninth place.
100 meter dash – Matthew Kay, 19th, 12.47.
200 meter dash – Cale Shotton, 17th, 24.79; Austin Callahan, 19th, 25.11.
400 meter run – Charlie Bowen, 20th, 58.08.
800 meter run – Evan Meyer, 11th, 2:13.16; Ben Walker, 14th, 2:14.64.
Discus – Ben Walker, 5th, 133-03; Ethan Everthart, 7th, 115-09.
Javelin – Ben Walker, 10th, 105-04; Phillip Byram, 11th, 105-03.
High jump – Austin Orf, 2nd, 5-10; Matthew Kay, 3rd, 5-10.
Long jump – Matthew Kay, 21st, 14-09.75.
Triple jump – Austin Orf, 3rd, 38-10.
100 meter dash – Kasie Orf, 11th, 13.99; Cheyanne Talley, 13th, 14.62.
200 meter dash – Kelley Lewis, 9th, 28.57; Kinley Charlton, 10th, 29.29.
400 meter run – Carina Konstanzer, 8th, 1:07.93; Camryn Grote, 11th, 1:08.94.
800 meter run – Quinn Grote, 5th, 2:37.24; Sylvia Wagner, 10th, 2:43.65.
Discus – Aleece Walker, 16th, 73-08.
Javelin – Aleece Walker, 10th, 73-07.
Pole vault – Tanner Turner, 6th, 7-06; Sidney Moss, 8th, 7.
Triple jump – Tayler Johnson, 6th, 29-03.25.

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