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Commissioners Sign Resolution Recognizing Drug Courts

The month of May was designated to recognize the efforts of Drug Courts in the state of Missouri.

Pike County Commissioners gathered recently with various representatives of the drug courts in Pike and Lincoln Counties in the 45th Judicial Circuit to present a resolution.

Pictured above from left: Pike County Prosecuting Attorney Alex Ellison, counselor for Turning Point Recovery Center David Higgins, Eastern District Commissioner Justin Sheppard, Western District Commissioner Bill Allen, Judge Milan Berry, Presiding Commissioner Chris Gamm, Probation/Parole Officer Jill Taylor, 45th Judicial Circuit Drug Court Treatment Administrator Heather Graham-Thompson, and Associate Circuit Judge Jim Beck.

There are currently five treatment programs available in Lincoln County including adult, co-occurring, family and two DWI options. Pike County currently has an adult treatment program.

Read more in next week’s edition.

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