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Public Meeting Slated To Discuss Fate Of Louisiana Colorfest For This Year

Community Members Urged To Attend Meeting This Thursday

The Louisiana Chamber of Commerce is hosting a public meeting to decide the fate of this year’s Louisiana Country Colorfest and everyone is urged to attend and help develop ideas.

The meeting will take place on Thursday, June 20 at 5:30 p.m. in the city council chambers of Louisiana City Hall (located at 202 S. 3rd Street). The council chambers are located on the basement level of the building.

Organizers are hoping residents and everyone interested in preserving the event will attend the meeting. Chamber President Cindy Blaylock pointed out that this year’s event will take special planning in order to be held.

“The city has informed us that it is highly likely that Georgia Street will be under construction in some of the area previously used for the annual event,” Blaylock explained. “We need a ‘Plan B.’”

She added the chamber’s board of directors is interested in getting ideas from the public, not only about a possible move of the venue for the event, but also for new ideas to freshen up the event and what it offers the community.

Blaylock noted one board member pointed out that this problem may be a blessing in disguise in that it provides an opportunity to recreate the event.

Individuals, businesses and organizations who are stakeholders in Louisiana and the region are encouraged to attend so that their voices may be heard.

Blaylock said there have been some who have suggested the Chamber simply not sponsor the huge festival this year.

“I believe in keeping it positive and just taking this opportunity to breathe new life into an event that so many in our town look forward to each year,” Blaylock asserted. “We have visitors throughout the weekend for the annual alumni event, often times it falls on Homecoming,” she explained. “We just need to make it better – not skip it!”

Anyone with questions about the meeting should contact the Chamber of Commerce at 573-754-5921.

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