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Pawsitively Pampered Pets Moves To New Location, Expands Services

You might think you are about to be pampered with a mani/pedi or treated to a slick new hair style when you walk in and see all the trappings of a chic salon.

It might not be until you notice the delicately-iced treats are in the shapes of bones and paws, and the jewelry is rhinestone collars, and notice the happy background conversation is the yip-yapping of dogs that you get it – this salon isn’t for you – it’s for the fur-babies.

Pawsitively Pampered Pets (PPP) lives up to its name. Just walking into their former location on the square next to The People’s Tribune, patrons found a wide variety of treat and toys for their dogs and cats in addition to adorable little outfits on the racks and fun, brightly-colored art on the walls dedicated to the love and care of our four-legged friends.

Since starting the business in 2012 out of her home, Kala Luebrecht has had a steady stream of customers. The business moved from her house, where she would bathe animals in her bathtub and groom in the garage, to the square.

Once more the business has grown to the point expansion was necessary. As of today, PPP is at 224 W. Main. The building previously had offices of an engineering firm.

“We decided to expand because we knew there was a need for a nice boarding facility with all of the luxuries,” Luebrecht explained. “All of our suites are climate-controlled and offer many of the luxuries a fur baby would have at home.”

She noted people have been taking their pets up to an hour away for those types of services.

PPP will now offer grooming and bathing services in addition to boarding, doggy day care and even training.

“We picked our new location because of size, the back yard, and the proximity to the square. The size of the building was perfect for everything we wanted to offer without it being cramped,” Luebrecht said. “The back yard is perfect because it’s huge. We actually put up a six-foot tall privacy fence so our boarding clients can play outside.”

Luebrecht and her husband Jared renovated everything in the building to allow for the suites, two indoor doggy play areas, along with grooming and bathing areas.

“We spent a month working on it and all of the construction work has been done by Jared. We have spent several late nights working on it to get it up to our standards,” she remarked.

The couple had twins recently, a boy and a girl named Mason and Madelynn. She pointed out it has been stressful taking on so much with the babies, but she’s proud of the outcome.

Watch next week’s edition of The People’s Tribune for more on PPP and the new expansion.

Visit PPP at their new location at 224 W. Main or call for an appointment at 573-271-9848. Also find PPP on Facebook.

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