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Pawsitively Pampered Pets Moves To New Location, Expands Services

Following a month of renovations, Pawsitively Pampered Pets (PPP) has moved to their new location at 224 W. Main Street, near the square in Bowling Green.

A grand opening celebration was held on Wednesday, July 3 following the move to the new location. Kala Luebrecht, owner and operator of PPP says that it was stressful, but is excited to be in the new building and that clients are already taking advantage of the new services offered which includes boarding.

Luebrecht said her husband, Jared, worked diligently to get the building and the large back yard ready to go over the past month. The couple also has twins, a boy and a girl named Mason and Madelynn, which added to the stress and the excitement of the move.

“We started this massive project when the twins were just six-weeks-old,” Kala noted. “Jared has sacrificed a lot of time with his babies to get this building going. I’m extremely thankful for his sacrifice. Many nights we’d be at the shop working until 11 p.m., or later and then we’d come home and do all of the chores. We have horses so every night we’d have to take care of them and the babies would join us,” she explained. “By the time we were done feeding them one last time, and doing all of our chores, it was around 2-3 a.m.”

Luebrecht noted there were also some extra, unexpected expenses and hangups along the way as well.

“I’m not sure either of us thought it would be this time-consuming,” she said of the renovation stage.

Luebrecht studied animal sciences at the University of Missouri in Columbia. She said that she has always loved animals and knew that’s how she wanted to spend her career.

“The absolute best thing about pets are the bond that they create with their owners. Pets are like children and build a bond with their owners,” she explained. “I have so many clients who treat their pets like their children and it warms my heart. Animals just want to be loved, and seeing that every day makes me so happy. They’re always there for us, during both happy and sad times. You can always count on your pet to be there for you.”

Luebrecht said had long wanted to be her own boss and enjoys the freedom of owning her own business.

“I had watched my mom start her business so I had a great role model to follow.”

Luebrecht says she enjoys all animals, though PPP specializes in the grooming and care of dogs and cats. She added that she knew they wanted to keep the business close to the square and were excited when the opportunity came to take over the new location.

“There are so many things I love about having a business in Bowling Green. One being that everyone knows everyone. I have clients who know my whole family,” she explained adding that she’s heard many stories she would never have heard otherwise in having the shop here.

“I also love the bond that I’ve built with (my clients). I just had twins and so many of them asked how the twins were doing and even brought us gifts.”

PPP will now offer grooming and bathing services in addition to boarding, doggy day care and even training. The building now features new boarding suites, two indoor doggy play areas, along with grooming and bathing areas. There is also a huge fenced play area in the back for the animals to exercise safely.

Luebrecht said they can accommodate most special directions when it comes to boarding including how the animals interact with others, meals, etc.

Luebrecht currently has two full-time staff members and two more part-time positions are being added as the business continues to grow and expand.

For boarding there are suites, not kennels. Each dog room offers elevated pet beds, water, food and a great deal of play time.

“We offer upgrades for each room as well. For example, one-on-one play time with a PPP staff member or a 15-minute walk. However, all the upgrades come with our presidential suite.”

Grooming and bathing packages are available. Grooming includes bath and haircut, heated blow dry, nail trimming, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, and anal gland expression. Prices vary based on the size of the animal.

For a small grooming, under 35lbs the cost is $30.

For a medium grooming, 36lbs- 50lbs the cost is $40.

For a large grooming, 51lbs- 75lbs- the cost is $50.

For a extra large grooming, 76lbs-100lbs the cost is $65.

PPP will groom animals larger than 100 pounds, but price has to be negotiated.

In addition to animal services, the business also features a pet boutique with a large variety of pet clothes, treats and toys.

“We carry only the best brands of toys such as Kong, Chuck-it, and Nylabone. We have clothes for almost any size dog you can think of and an array of adorable doggy treats.”

The boutique also has an array of offerings just for cats and kittens as well.

PPP is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. The business is closed on Sundays.

Visit PPP at their new location at 224 W. Main or call for an appointment at 573-271-9848. Also find PPP on Facebook.

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