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PCMH Crew Members Help Deliver A Labor Of Love In The Ambulance

Alexis Mecham Gives Birth To Healthy Baby Girl

Alexis Mecham’s baby decided to greet the world a little earlier than expected and made it safely with the help of emergency crew members from Pike County Memorial Hospital (PCMH).

Mecham lives in Curryville and was set to be induced on the morning of Monday, July 19, but plans changed over the weekend and the scheduled appointment was not to be.

Mecham gave birth to a girl, Eleanor Azalea Rose Bartley, at 12:36 a.m., on Saturday, July 14, at the Frankford exit on Highway 61 in Pike County. The little lady entered the worl weighing six pounds.

Eleanor was the first baby delivered by PCMH EMS crews this year. It was also the first baby delivered by both crew members, David Peters and Dawson Miller.

The EMS crew had been dispatched to Mecham’s residence in Curryville to take her to Hannibal Regional Hospital. At that time, Mecham had been in labor for 21 hours. While they were moving her to the ambulance, her water broke on the front porch.

Peters, an EMS paramedic knew it was time.

“We gotta go now.”

During the drive to Hannibal, Mecham felt a push and Peters told the driver to pull over. As soon as the ambulance had pulled to the side of the highway the baby was born.

Miller assisted Peters in the delivery.

“It was definitely an experience,” Peters and Miller agreed. “This is such a rare event for us. We’re are so used to dealing with people near the end-of-life scenarios, it’s rare we get to be present at the beginning of life.”

Mecham thanked the PCMH EMS crew for all they did.

“Eleanor is happy and healthy, and I’m doing just fine,” she remarked.

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