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McCurdy 2020 Employee of the Year at NECC… and WERDCC!

Paula McCurdy (left) with WERDCC Assistant Warden, Marilyn Buss.
Photo courtesy of WERDCC

In all the recent rush and hubbub on the news, an employee of the year might have gone unnoticed except by coworkers and close family. COVID has put a damper on many benefits and awards banquets this year which would often include such awards.

The quiet passing of being chosen as Employee of the Year might have been okay with Paula McCurdy as she continued her work.

But that quiet professionalism in the face of a global pandemic that hit Women’s Eastern Reception, Diagnostic, and Correctional Center earned Paula the award not only at the Vandalia facility but also at North Eastern Correctional Center in Bowling Green.

Paula is the Employee Health Nurse at both facilities driving back and forth from each location spending two or three days at each. A hectic schedule made all the busier with the onset of COVID-19.

Tough schedules are nothing new for her. Like most health professionals, she’s worked long hours and holidays in her 28-year career as a registered nurse.

Paula receiving the 2020 Employee of the Year Award
Photo courtesy of NECC

Paula graduated from Hannibal LaGrange College and began her career at the hospital in Mexico, MO (Audrain Medical center). After two years there she spent 23 at Tri-County Care Center in Vandalia. She only began working at both correctional facilities three years ago – a factor which makes her selection as Employee of the Year at both more impressive.

“I was shocked to hear I received Employee of the Year at NECC then shortly after found out received it at WERDCC too,” Paula told the Tribune. “I was so surprised & honored to be chosen for such an award.”

Although she may have been ‘shocked’ at the news, the staff at the facilities had insider help pulling off the surprise. Paula’s husband and daughter were both notified beforehand and kept it a secret.

“NECC had my husband, Lloyd, come to ceremony,” she continued. “When I told other family members, they were so happy for me.”

According to a release from WERDCC, Employee Health Nurse McCurdy was recognized for being the type of person who is compassionate, professional, and always willing to go above and beyond to ensure employees are in compliance with policies and procedures.

“She has come in on her RDOs, driven to Bowling Green for a staff person’s convenience, went out of her way to check on an injury by [sustained by a co-worker], and even researched to find out when [the coworker] had received their last tetanus shot,” WERDCC’s announcement stated. “Also, the additional responsibilities she has encountered with Covid-19 would have overwhelmed many people, but she has remained calm, kind, professional, and done more than most of us realize to meet all of the responsibility that has fallen on her!”

Although Paula was extremely busy assisting two institutions during the Covid-19 pandemic, she managed to find time for co-worker’s health when needed.

“She is not only concerned about what happens at work,” the statement continued. “she is also there for staff members who may be experiencing personal issues. Her compassion and professionalism are appreciated and enduring to all staff.”

They’re appreciated by Paula too. She told the Tribune the people she works with are the most rewarding part of her job at both locations.

Although, the Employee of the Year parking spot is another nice perk!

“Love that,” she laughed. “Especially with weather recently because close to front entrance.”

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