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Woods Hickory Smoked Bacon named Missouri’s ‘Best Bacon You’ve Never Heard of’

Front of Woods Smoked Meats off of Business 54 in Bowling Green
Photo from Woods Smoke Meats Facebook page

A recent MSN article by New York journalist Michael Schreiber announced the best bacon from each state that many have never heard of.  

For Missouri, Schreiber named Woods Hickory Smoked Bacon as the best. But for many Bowling Green and Pike County residents, that name is synonymous with great smoked meats.  

Woods Smoked Meats is nothing new for locals. According to its website, G.E. Woods started the business when he opened a grocery store in 1947 with a Meat Department consisting of a wooden cutting block, a small grinder, meat cleaver, hand slicer, and some knives. 

73 years later, his son Edward Woods grew the business into an international affair. 

The popular meat processing plant is now owned by HWC, LLC – Mike Sloan- Owner of Hermann Wurst Haus in Hermann, Missouri; Steve Bolton- Manager at Woods Smoked Meats; and Cory Hawkins- Owner of Central Missouri Meat & Sausage in Fulton, Missouri. This trio purchased the business last October. 

Schreiber clears the air right off the bat in his article by explaining the poll is by no means scientific. Instead, his deep love and history with bacon have led him to decide the best of the best.  

“Let’s be clear,” he wrote. “This list isn’t based on any type of scientific poll. The very notion that some group of Americans who I don’t even know could pick better bacon than me is preposterous. I know bacon, people. I eat a lot of it. Too much. I’ve even done some reporting on it, but really, “investigating” bacon doesn’t make one an aficionado. You have to live and breathe it.” 

The recognition is well deserved and general manager, Steve Bolton, hopes it brings more attention to the company, staff, and their quality work. Like many other processing plants in the area, Woods is slammed, but they’re only getting busier after the article.

“We were shocked,” Bolton said. “We didn’t know anything about the MSN article until a lady from Vermont called to order bacon last week. She told us about it.” Hers wasn’t the only order. As of Monday morning, several orders showed up on Steve’s desk from around the country… all for Hickory Smoked Bacon.

It’s not a problem though. Steve said they’re used to shipping all over the US and beyond through their website. “We’re really thankful for whoever told MSN about us and for the article,” he continued.  

“Among the cornucopia of smoked meats at Woods Smoked Meats, which has been around for 70 years, their Hickory Smoked Bacon is a real standout (though their Applewood Smoked Bacon is no slouch either),” Schreiber said of the local locker. “It’s won more than 20 awards and has been recognized as a “German Silver Medalist,” and a “National Grand Champion.” I need to get to Bowling Green.” 

We agree! 

You can find more of Woods quality smoked meats at:

Check out the MSN article by clicking here:

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