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Sheriff’s Department Investigates Possible Poisoning In Drug-Related Death

Pike County Sheriff Stephen Korte said an investigation continues into the possible poisoning of a Bowling Green man in a drug-related death on Sunday.

Korte said his department responded to Pike County Memorial Hospital on May 27. It was reported that two patients had driven themselves to the hospital after taking methamphetamine and feared an overdose.

Shortly after arriving on the scene, it was confirmed that James P. Gregory, 37, had died at the hospital. His symptoms prior to dying were consistent with strychnine poisoning. Korte noted an autopsy is being performed to confirm the cause of death.

“Strychnine is a main ingredient in rat poison,” Korte reported. “Folks selling illegal drugs will sometimes add other substances such as fentanyl or strychnine to change the high [of certain drugs].”

He added that a second person was treated and released. That person has been questioned as part of the investigation.

“Due to the amount of forensics involved with this type of case it will be a lengthy investigation,” Korte explained.

He added that investigators in Pike County have experience with these types of cases.

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